Madison Street Capital Wins Major Award

At a recent event, the investment banking firm known as Madison Street Capital was given one of the top awards in the industry. The organization known as M&A Advisors issued the award to Madison Street Capital in recognition of its excellence during the year. The firm was able to complete a significant deal with WLR Automotive which would help the company improve its financial situation. Receiving this award has proven to the finance industry and Madison Street Capital that it is among the premier investment banking firms in the industry. Each year, a number of firms are recognized for their accomplishments and Madison Street Capital was very fortunate to be given such a prestigious honor at the recent event.


Madison Street Capital won the Debt Financing Deal of the Year award which recognizes a firm that completes the most beneficial debt financing transaction during the year. It also provides recognition for a deal that has a positive impact on any companies that complete it. By getting this particular award, Madison Street Capital has been able to further establish itself as one of the top firms when it comes to finalizing merger and acquisition deals. It has also established itself as one of the best firms when it comes to helping companies restructure their debt and other financial obligations.


The firm Madison Street Capital was founded in Chicago, Illinois where it is currently headquartered. Madison Street Capital is a boutique investment banking firm that specializes in helping private companies and publicly held companies in a variety of ways. With the assistance provided by this firm, companies are in position to get business valuation, financial advising, opinions, debt refinancing and also complete mergers and acquisitions. By taking advantage of all of these services, many businesses have greatly benefited from the services provided by Madison Street Capital. What makes the firm among the best in the industry is its philosophy. On a regular basis, the firm looks to emphasize integrity, honesty, and excellence. All of these characteristics have led to establishing the Madison Street Capital reputation.


There are a number of services that Madison Street Capital provides to its clients. One of these services is business valuation which entails evaluating a business in terms of its assets, revenues, liabilities and profits. This results in determining how much the company is worth. Another key service provided by this firm is mergers and acquisitions which entails helping two companies merge together to combine asset. This will help them reach various profit and revenue goals as well as avoid things such as bankruptcy. With Madison Street Capital, companies can also take advantage of debt refinancing which will help them restructure debt and maintain solvency. Learn more:




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