Joel Friant Helps Others Find Success After Finding His Own Success

From real estate sales to entrepreneurship, Joel Friant seems to have done it all. He’s a creative soul who has a passion and the drive for making things happen. His drive is what lead him to start out in the real estate business in the first place. After a short stint, he decided it was time to move on which is where he entered the restaurant business and truly started making a name for himself.

Friant was originally known as “The Thai Guy” after he created the nation’s first fast food Thai concept. Shortly after, he discovered his passion for habanero chile pepper. For those who love spicy, habanero chile peppers are used to add heat and spice to foods. They also boast benefits such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It’s easy to see why anyone would be passionate about them! Through habaneros, Friant was able to find and market a unique product that turned heads in the foodie world.

The ‘Original Habanero Shaker‘ is a popular item on Amazon. It’s 100% guaranteed habanero flakes for those who can handle one of the hottest chile peppers on earth! The product can be used in a variety of food from pizza to pasta and everything in-between. One of the main selling points of the shaker is the fact that it’s hot but not so hot that it’s unbearable. The shaker also provides super flavorful flakes that are sure to make anyone’s meal exciting.

Friant came up with the idea for the shaker after he noticed that there were no shakers that were 100% habanero. He wanted something that was pure and not mixed with other additives. Friant also knew just how many people in the world loved habaneros but couldn’t handle the heat. His product is less spicy in a shaker format but still just as flavorful.

In 2012, Friant dove head first into selling his shaker online. He even took a few courses to help him learn how to best market his product. It’s easy to see that he’s had some success. His Habanero Shaker has been a huge seller and now he is helping others succeed.