Madison Street Capital Wins Major Award

At a recent event, the investment banking firm known as Madison Street Capital was given one of the top awards in the industry. The organization known as M&A Advisors issued the award to Madison Street Capital in recognition of its excellence during the year. The firm was able to complete a significant deal with WLR Automotive which would help the company improve its financial situation. Receiving this award has proven to the finance industry and Madison Street Capital that it is among the premier investment banking firms in the industry. Each year, a number of firms are recognized for their accomplishments and Madison Street Capital was very fortunate to be given such a prestigious honor at the recent event.


Madison Street Capital won the Debt Financing Deal of the Year award which recognizes a firm that completes the most beneficial debt financing transaction during the year. It also provides recognition for a deal that has a positive impact on any companies that complete it. By getting this particular award, Madison Street Capital has been able to further establish itself as one of the top firms when it comes to finalizing merger and acquisition deals. It has also established itself as one of the best firms when it comes to helping companies restructure their debt and other financial obligations.


The firm Madison Street Capital was founded in Chicago, Illinois where it is currently headquartered. Madison Street Capital is a boutique investment banking firm that specializes in helping private companies and publicly held companies in a variety of ways. With the assistance provided by this firm, companies are in position to get business valuation, financial advising, opinions, debt refinancing and also complete mergers and acquisitions. By taking advantage of all of these services, many businesses have greatly benefited from the services provided by Madison Street Capital. What makes the firm among the best in the industry is its philosophy. On a regular basis, the firm looks to emphasize integrity, honesty, and excellence. All of these characteristics have led to establishing the Madison Street Capital reputation.


There are a number of services that Madison Street Capital provides to its clients. One of these services is business valuation which entails evaluating a business in terms of its assets, revenues, liabilities and profits. This results in determining how much the company is worth. Another key service provided by this firm is mergers and acquisitions which entails helping two companies merge together to combine asset. This will help them reach various profit and revenue goals as well as avoid things such as bankruptcy. With Madison Street Capital, companies can also take advantage of debt refinancing which will help them restructure debt and maintain solvency. Learn more:




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How Greg Aziz Restored National Steel Car To Greatness

Gregory J Aziz is a Canadian entrepreneur who lives in Ontario. He is the top executive at National Steel Car where he is the chief executive officer, president, and chairman of the board. His company has more than 100 years of experience in the railroad industry. National Steel Car engineers and manufacturers railroad cars for their customers across Canada and the United States.


It was at Western University in Canada that Greg James Aziz earned his college education, earning a degree in economics. For a number of years, he was in the financial industry and made investment decisions for the company he worked for. It was during this time that he became acquainted with National Steel Car. Although the company had been around for years at the time the company was not doing very well. Greg Aziz saw a lot of potential in the company, though. He was able to organize a buyout of the company and so in January 1994 he took over National Steel Car.


After Gregory James Aziz took over National Steel Car he recommitted the company’s workforce to providing excellent engineering and manufacturing standards. He also hired a large number of engineers in order to broaden the scope of his company. Over the course of just the next few years he was able to greatly expand the number of railroad cars that National Steel Car produced each year. The company under his leadership is once again one of the largest and most successful companies of its type in the world. Click Here to learn more.


One of Greg Aziz’s latest successes was a deal he struck with Canpotex. Canpotex selected his company as the one that they wanted to design and build 700 railcars for them. The railcars once completed will be used to hall potash from Saskatchewan to coastal ports to be shipped overseas. The deal is worth $70 million. This is just the latest deal that Gregory James Aziz has signed with Canpotex. Since 1999 his company has built 7000 railcars for Canpotex for a total amount of more than $500 million.


Under Gregory James Aziz’s leadership the company in recent years has also expanded rapidly. Beginning in October 2014 he has hired over 900 employees. He has also invested in his company’s plant equipment. Due to these events National Steel Car maintains a high level of productivity. Additionally, his company has made large strides in reducing the company’s effects on the environment, including designing a new generation of railcars that are transporting flammable liquids.

Gregory Aziz and the Recent Industrial Success of National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a freight-car maker with more than 100 years of experience in the industry. Though the initial years were highly successful, the firm could not keep the momentum post-1950s and went down in the market due to lack of innovation and vision. Everyone started counting the company as one among a number of railcar makers in the industry as they did not think the possibility of a fantastic return. The freight car maker came back to the top spot under the leadership of Gregory Aziz – who assumed the leadership of the firm since he acquired in 1994. Aziz was determined to bring back the golden days of National Steel Car.


Gregory James Aziz revamped the company by giving a new vision and growth strategy. He largely depended on the engineering excellence, highest-level quality, highly-productive workforce, and more. Aziz added capabilities to both production plant and workforce by bringing modernization and right talent. It created excellent results, and the firm became the largest player in the industry in North America by 1999. Its capacity grew four-fold during the period, and the headcount of the company went five times. Since then, Gregory James Aziz and National Steel Car are the last words of North American Steel Car Industry.


It is interesting to note that the quality efforts of Greg James Aziz have paid the highest dividend for the company in terms of reputation and business. National Steel Car claimed ISO 9001:2008 certification since 1996 – the only player in the industry with the certification. Interestingly, it received many recertification’s for the highest quality level. It is also a regular winner of TTX SECO quality awards for nearly two decades. Greg Aziz is the most active proponent of innovation and asks his team to come up with something new every year for the clients.


Apart from quality efforts, Greg Aziz is also known for bringing next-gen safety implantation in the industry. Recently, when the Secretary of Transport of the United States and Transport Minister of Canada signed for the next-gen safety regulations, it was considered as the victory of James Aziz as he was the proponent of it for years. Interestingly, Greg implemented the safety measures in National Steel Car in 2014 itself by acquiring the latest equipment for the production plants, hiring expert professionals, and more. He understood that the diverse customer base of National Steel Car, from oil companies to chemical businesses, needed solutions with highest safety and quality. Read This Article for additional information.

The Spectacular Trabuco

The middle ages employed the Trabuco in the crushing of the masonry walls. This machine is similar to the catapult in that it was also used in firing the catapults over longer distances. The machine was created in the Brazil and various names have been given to the machine depending on the area where it is located. Countries that practice Muslim and Christianity religions in the Mediterranean are the regions where the machine was also located.

The instrument was accurate in that an individual could use 140 kilograms of an object over a long distance and the instrument could be accurate. The Trabuco machines originated in China but were transported to the Europe where they were later abandoned after the gunpowder written on The Trabuco machine has employed the energy mechanisms in its operation where the potential energy is converted to the kinetic energy.

Trabuco relies mostly on the sling where a part of the potential energy results into friction. The velocity developed by the projectile is proportional to the counterweight size. A piece of wood which was small in size was used in the machine to act as a lever. This type of machine is the smallest for the Trabuco equipment since it is efficient and could be transported easily to any destination.

Trabuco only requires one person to execute the operation. The larger Trabucos require more men with an estimate of fifteen to forty-five men to handle the operation. The local citizens were tasked with the operation of the machines. The machine was also available in the Byzantine Empire. The Chinese had made the machine popular thanks to their evolving generation.

The Persians and the Byzantine Empire enabled the machine to reach the Middle East according to The Northern Germany facilitated the transportation of the machine to the Nordic countries. The Italy and the England are other prominent countries that utilized the machine. Edward Longshanks had engineers who were instrumental in the construction of the catapult. The machine was vital in the society since it acted as a source of protection on The present generation uses the Trabucos during fun events. The machines are also used in the learning institutions to explain mechanics.

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Obsidian Energy Now Bigger and Better

The Obsidian Energy Company is a Canadian oil and Natural Gas Company located in Calgary, Alberta a region which is one of the largest petroleum reserves. It was formally known as the Penn West Exploration Ltd. The choice of the name got inspired by the nature of the obsidian. It’s a volcanic glass that typically forms and can be easily fashioned and honed. This choice got a ninety-two percent approval from the shareholders. The Pembina Cardium, Alberta Viking, and the Peace River Oil Sands are the primary production area, with an average of about thirty-one thousand barrels of oil per day, of the total production in 2017.


The name change that enforced on 26th of June 2017 from Penn West Exploration Ltd,  marked a new chapter in the annals of the corporation and the launch of the company’s guiding principles: excellence in industrial and financial decision making; innovation and pursuance of advancement; accountability and transparency with the bondholders, associates, and the immediate population. It has influenced every phase of the company’s business, redefining it and making it rise higher, leaner and more competent than ever.


The company is suitably positioned, endowed with the fitting assets, and proper accounts that make it possible for it to thrive even in the unproductive environments. Under the management of its new Chief Executive Officer, David French, Obsidian Energy has embarked on pursuing growth in the coming years and making the adjustment in the budgets where need be as well as regulating the oil and gas price. They aim at providing the right staging to deliver exceptional returns that will ensure not just the survival but also success as the industry keep of evolving.


Obsidian Energy has managed to reduce its net debt to three hundred and eighty-four million dollars compared to the three million dollars in 2013 by the selling assets, reducing the number of its employees and cutting on its production. The lawsuits against the company by the relevant investors got resolved as of last year. Additionally, Obsidian has also restructured to give intense focus to some four key production areas to ensure maximum production gets realized.


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Canada’s Obsidian Energy Upbeat About Strong Third Quarter Results

Top officials at Canada’s Obsidian Energy are reporting extremely positive results in its 2017 third quarter company report. Obsidian is an intermediate-sized gas and oil energy producer based in Calgary, Alberta.


Obsidian Energy CEO David French spoke in glowing terms about the production value of new wells sunk in an area known as the Deep Basin, a vast region comprising more than three million acres of land on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains in Western Canada.


Obsidian only recently made its first foray into the Deep Basin — already the location of many other wells and assets owned by a variety of players in the energy industry. Obsidian Energy has worked hard to establish significant Deep Basin assets and is pleased with results so far.


Company officials say it has established three “Mannville Wells” which are currently producing a combined 2,000 barrels per day, and these have the added value of a robust liquid rate of 60 barrels of oil equivalent per million cubic feet. This value was far greater than predicted for the wells and will have a positive effect on cost-benefit ratios.


Other Obsidian Energy projects are also showing remarkable performance and promise. These include working sites in Cardium, Alberta Viking, and Peace River. With the help of these wells, Obsidian officials predict 2017 production will come in at the “high end’ of the 31,500 goal it set for the year.


Obsidian forecasts a 5% production growth rate for 2018 while limiting investment to 80% of “Fund Flow” operations. Of course, the better commodity prices play out, the more attractive the numbers get, but even if prices remain relatively stable at current levels, the outlook is excellent for 2018. Get More Information Here.


The Obsidian Board has established a $135 million budget for 2018 based on the assets of the company’s portfolio. Obsidian is determined to implement maximum efficiency in terms of production, methods and practices so that maximum gain is garnered from all operations.


The bottom line is that Obsidian Energy third quarter numbers has the remainder of 2017 and 2018 looking bright for this scrappy, highly competitive energy company.


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