Daniel Taub- former Israeli diplomat with a great legacy

Daniel Taub is famous in the world for his magnificent role in the office of the ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom. He is the man behind the recently strengthened cooperation between Israel and the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub was appointed to the office of the ambassador in 2011. He would serve for four years. He resigned from office in 2015. For the duration, his achievements were tremendous. Daniel Taub is a trained lawyer in international law. He specializes specifically in counterterrorism law and other laws of war. His experience in this field has earned him a number of accolades that have seen him represent his country in high delegation meetings.



Daniel Taub has never shied from representing his country. He has been to various positions of leadership in the legal and diplomatic missions. Daniel Taub has been the legal advisor on behave of the ministry of foreign affairs to the Israeli mission in the United Nation offices of Geneva and New York. Daniel Taub has also represented his country in other positions of leadership that include being an adviser in the ministry of foreign affairs. Currently, Daniel Taub has resigned from his role in the diplomacy field. He is a director in a foundation found in Jerusalem known as Yad Hanadiv Foundation.



Daniel Taub is originally from the United Kingdom. His early life was spent England. He moved to Israel as an adult in 1989. Ever since he moved to Israel, he has been very vocal about the state of affairs in the Middle East. He has been keen to explain to the world the measures that his country has been taking to guarantee peaceful coexistence of the people of the region. Daniel Taub used his position as the ambassador to the United Kingdom to explain to the world positive things that are happening in the region.



Daniel Taub says that its time the world shifted its concentration to positive issues that happen in the region. He talks of treaties that have been signed between Israel and other countries such as Egypt and Jordan. These treaties are intact after even after many years of conflicts in the region. Daniel Taub shows that the conflict in the region has nothing to do with Israel. Israel is ever ready to embrace peace. Daniel Taub says that the Middle East is likely to achieve more success in the future if it stays focused on creating common interests for the countries in the region. There is already quiet cooperation between a number of countries in the region. This has been prompted by common alignment of interests among these countries.


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