Hurricane Harvey Victims to Benefit from U.S. Money Reserve

On November 20, 2017, U.S. Money reserve alongside Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) raised a total of $219,622 to assist the victims of Hurricane Harvey that occurred a few months ago. In September, the Austin Disaster Relief Network and U.S. reserve came together to push back against the destructions made by the unprecedented hurricane that caused a mass destruction of property and loss of human lives in Texas and its environs. Angela Koch, the CEO of U.S. Money Reserve said that it was felt as the duty of the organization to provide both financial and emotional help to the victims of the Hurricane Harvey. The CEO went ahead to mention that the hurricane might have majorly affected the Texans, but the US as a nation is gravely affected by the calamity.


Hurricane Harvey


On August 25, 2017, the category-four Hurricane that hit Texas was named Hurricane Harvey. Harvey made three different landings within six days, causing a heavy downpour in the first twenty-four hours in Texas. The rainfall was because the Hurricane was fabricated by a slow-moving storm. Hurricane Harvey caused the immense destruction of property and loss of lives, so there was the need to accord support to the victimised. There was a high financial demand by the U.S. Money Reserve to supply some help to the Hurricane Victims.


About U.S. Money Reserve


U.S. Money Reserve is the largest private firm in the US that distributes government-issued gold, silver and platinum items. Since 2001, the company has grown tremendously and become the world’s largest private supplier of gold, silver and platinum products. Hundreds of thousands of clients rely on the services rendered by U.S. Money Reserve to acquaint their firms with high-quality physical precious metals. U.S. Money reserve distributes the metal items in the form of U.S. Gold and Silver Products. The company does a thorough market research to come up with the high-quality products for their precious gold and silver metal buyers. For more than fifteen years in the market, the company has gained an unprecedented level of trust among clients by ensuring quality in all services and products that they offer, thereby cutting it the great reputation that it enjoys in the industry.


Together with Austin Disaster Relief Network, U.S. Money Reserve was able to ensure that the Hurricane victims were provided with all kinds of assistance that they were in need of. Though the financial need to accomplish the mission was relatively high, the two organizations managed to raise it for the sake of the Texans who were facing the deepest fury of the Hurricane Harvey. Learn more: