Compliance Laws In Philadelphia Explained By Karl Heideck

Strong and acute discrepancies in salaries between men and women as well as minor groups were correlated with employers’ acquaintance and familiar connotations from salary history. This fundamental relationship led the city of Philadelphia to come up with a law that barred enterprises from independently, voluntarily or involuntarily accessing or requesting salary information. The journey to signing and implementing this law was, however, an uphill task with enterprises as well as chamber of commerce suing for what they called probable effect and therefore the law risked being declared unconstitutional to the dismay of many ordinary Philadelphians.

The city appeal nonetheless convinced the district court that the proposed law did not contravene the first amendment act nor appropriate any discernible possible harm on the companies. The law by its nature was designed to defend the inherent rights of the citizens of Philadelphia though many observers noted its possible implications outside the city. The lawsuit was dismissed on the grounds of its impossibility to identify members who would be harmed by the lack of salary information.

This was a double edged sword due to while it made the chambers mutes it also fractured the city administration ability to respond to its legal implications as the court did not outline members who could be affected. The chamber, on the other hand, is tied by the irony of putting enterprises in bad faith if it provided that information. This law despite having few pitfalls is likely to shape the future of HR departments, and their need for compliance specialist as employees are likely to resist based on this law and find legal go around the law.

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