Clearabee-Professional and Affordable

Clearabee is a rubbish clearance company that has been serving the London area since 2013. They are all about proving the best rubbish clearance service as well as stellar customer service. Clearabee started out with just one vehicle and they have since grown to a fleet of 65 vehicles with a staff of over 165 employees.

Clearabee offers many different rubbish clearance packages so that their customers can pick the one that is best for their needs. Their rubbish clearance services are affordable and convenient and booking with them is a breeze. you can book rubbish clearance services with them over the phone or online 24/7 and they often offer same day pickup in the London area.

Clearabee is low hassle and they do not overcharge for excessive-e fees on things like congestion or having to travel in zone 1. They always offer a quote on their rubbish clearance services so you will never be surprised by the bill. They also offer a skip bag service and a loyalty program for their customers.

Clearabee is devoted to great customer service and they are always striving to provide not only convenient but an affordable rubbish clearance service. Clearabee is a discreet way to unload your unwanted rubbish and there is never job too small or too big for them to handle. there is also rarely anything that they cannot haul away. They do not subcontract any of their collections ever so you know that it gets to a proper site.

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